CRM and ERP accelerate your business transformation on the cloud

WebMatrixInc is a software service provider for integration of ERP and CRM solution design, advisory, acquisition, implementation, up-gradation services, and maintenance services. Ours customize ERP services to manage your business for customer services, sales, marketing, project management, financial service, social media integration, and supply chain management.

Both enterprise resources offer a substantial help for efficient visibility into frontend and backend systems that surge productivity and easier business process.

Advantages of ERP:

ERP tools are used for managing the business whereas CRM tools are used for managing the clients. The ERP tools help you with developing business. Below are the main benefits.

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Better Analytics
  • Improve Productivity
  • Streamlined Process
  • Mobility
  • Data Visibility
  • Better Reporting And Planning
  • Automation Of Manual Processes
  • Easy Collaboration

Upcoming Trends in ERP

Several companies have been using ERP software for many years therefore with rising use of this and technology is also being developed with advanced modification. Some future trends are as below:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics
  • ERP for Subsidiaries
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile
  • Cloud

To assist in your plan for the JD Edwards project accordingly, WebMatrix offers a Business Value Assessment. It is necessary and beneficial to your business. Let us assist you with developing your business by conducting an assessment.

ERP Software Modules

  • DigitizedVendor management
  • Inventory management
  • Financial accounting
  • Sales order management
  • Production management
  • Customer relationship module
  • Quality management software

CRM system features:

  • Automated marketing campaigns
  • High-quality customer support
  • Identify new lead
  • Evaluate purchasing patterns
  • Modernize sales process

MS Dynamics 365 Services

Microsoft Dynamic is an intelligent application that supports you to run the whole business with efficient results. It guides you for growing productivity, satisfying customer's requirements, and making smart decision making. Microsoft has moved its CRM beyond sales force automation by bringing digital intelligence into a specific deal to have better predict customer needs and deliver special attention that develops relationships and revenue.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM is used in several fields:

  • Sales:

    • Capture Sales details
    • Speed up your sales cycle
    • Activate digital selling
    • Building remotely relationship
  • Marketing:

    • Design digital content
    • Run online services
    • Create automated campaigns
    • Email marketing overview
    • To know your leads better
    • Creating an online survey
  • Social Analysis & Promotion:

    • Social Analysis
    • Social Engagement
    • Social Listing
  • Finances:

    • Efficiently track values
    • Reduce reporting errors
    • Automated checks and balance
    • Cash management

It can be acted as a centralized system that may figure out as per specifications and remains scalable for growing business. The Software has modified its ability to incorporate in the company of other diverse systems for functioning smooth.

Our Team is highly expert and proficient to offer the most user-friendly Dynamics 365 implementation. Whatever requirements we get from our clients we have a strong competence to handle it smoothly. You will secure high-level functionalities of Dynamics 365. Our technical help will be available 24/7 to improve business efficiency.