True digital transformation means an insurer can be more competitive and secure using cloud, analytics, RPA, platform, AI and blockchain solutions.

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The insurance industry faces strong headwinds with declining margins and ever-increasing competition. The need to build a future-ready, sustainable, connected digital ecosystem while exceeding customer expectations across all touchpoints, is stronger than ever.

Solution approach

Insurers face competing pressures to innovate and control costs. Which technology will provide return on investment, low cost of ownership and data security, while meeting changing customer expectations? Explore below some of our most popular offerings including analytics, AI, cloud, security, RPA and blockchain. We’re here to help you modernize at lower cost, meet regulatory requirements and exceed customer expectations.

Disruptive innovation

Insurance industry platforms and blockchain are changing the way insurers do business, respond to customer expectations and develop new product offerings.

Risk and compliance

Insurers need a defense strategy to predict where the next attack could occur. No longer just a problem for the CSO, security is a key concern for the board and CEO.

Operational efficiency

Core modernization, AI and cloud are components of form solutions, like fraud prevention, which engineer competitive advantage for insurers.

Focus on customers

Improve engagement and customer experience with AI for virtual agent, call center and mobile solutions.