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Our company delivers high quality software testing services without any hassle! We blend superior test management, expertise and highly skilled resources to provide functional, performance, usability, compatibility, mobile testing and more.

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Maintaining a Great User Experience

A glitch, slow application or software can hinder the good experience of the user with your product. A bad user experience can result in dissatisfaction whereas good user experience can lead to satisfied users, who are more likely to recommend your product and business to others. Customer satisfaction brings your company a positive image and reputation. Additionally, involving QA & Testing since the beginning of your application or software development process will provide you peace of mind and more productivity. Our testing methodology and processes makes sure we able to measure the quality and functionality of your software solution. We create a complete testing strategy and manage the testing lifecycle by reviewing the functional and design specifications, performing exploratory testing, developing test plans, test cases, defining the test data, developing a traceability matrix, logging and reviewing defects.

Expertise in QA & Testing

WebMatrix Inc. provides Quality Assurance & Testing services with the aim of minimising technical and business risks that help reducing developing cost for applications and software product. No matter what platform you are using, we provide the best quality assurance and testing solutions as per your requirement.


Qualified QA experts perform rigorous functional testing simultaneously with the development of the application. Deep diving into each module, our rigorous defect management procedures make sure the software functions as expected.


We understand that a change in the source code could affect different parts of a module or related features. Uncovering the bugs that are an outcome of code modification is exactly what we target with regression testing.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is a Software testing technique to test and compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. This can be achieved by writing test scripts or using any automation testing tool. Test automation is used to automate repetitive tasks and other testing tasks which are difficult to perform manually.


Load testing the software and studying its performance defines its scalability. We test your software at different workloads to see its response time, resource usage and the number of MIPS under which the solution functions.


A range of tests like penetration testing help us check various critical security aspects and uncover vulnerabilities of the software including its integrity, confidentiality, authorisation, authentication and non-repudiation.


We always give a high level of importance to the user experience of any software we make. We engage a small set of users who test the software to check ease-of-use. Our method of user-centeric interactions help measure the acceptance levels of your software and helps work on improving them.


With a wide range of operating systems and devices, its imperative for your software to be compatible with the platforms used by your customers. With the growth of desktop and cloud based applications, we test your software on a range of browsers, mobile devices, operating systems, network environments and hardware.


We test software that is friendly towards differently-abled people, especially when targeted to a large consumer base. We cater to 508 compliance testing to make software friendly to physical, hearing and visual impairments. This includes old age, where consumers may not be as tech-savvy as the younger generations.


Based on the audience that interacts with the software, testing for appropriate content and ease of understanding plays an important role in the overall user-experience. Our testing processes aim to reduce confusion and increase comprehension, making sure your application content is suitable for your end user.